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Each woman is unique in her own unique way, and with her own unique sense of of flair, style and way to be loved. As each of us has his or her own unique love language, and a unique way in which we wish to express and receive love from our partner and loved ones. Its like a finger print that sets us apart from everyone else, a secret code that can unlock our heart chakra by the right person with the right key.


A Peridot is much the same in that each peridot gemstone has its own unique finger print made up of tiny inclusions in the shape of a lily pad, creating its very own uniquely beautiful inclusion pattern. 


This princess cut 3,3 Ct. Lime Green Peridot is set in 14k recycled yellow gold with a modern prong setting, and flanked by two brilliant cut antique diamonds. 


SKU: 0020
  • She is loved, for she IS love embodied in her own unique shape.

  • Within 3-5 working days

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