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Each jewelry creation starts with two simpel tools:

pencil & paper. With these basic tools the first step is made towards creating a new jewelry piece.


Once a rough sketch is made, the second step follows: the 3D jewelry design. This design is created with the use of a 3D jewelry design software program. This stage of the design process is a delicate one as each part of the design is carefully checked and measured to ensure the design not only looks good, but will also be able to hold the gemstone(s) securely in place when in use.

For our bespoke jewelry projects each of these stages is shared step by step with the client, allowing you to be fully included in the entire process as we create your unique bespoke jewelry piece. 

About Our Leather


We have a very unique approach in how we create our jewelry, as well as how we source our gemstones.


As we believe the gemstone of our jewelry is the heart of our design, we put a lot of energy and time into sourcing the ‘right’ gem for our collection pieces and our bespoke clients. This part of the process is done by Anouk herself, who is a certified diamond- en colored gemstone grader & buyer.

We have a number of trusted gemstone dealers we use to source our gemstones, all of which work along the same ethical and sustainable guidelines as we do, meaning we all work towards the same goal of sustaining and caring for our precious planet and all the life on it!



Once the right stone has been selected, Anouk then starts the creative process by spending some time with the gem by energetically cleaning it, and familiarizing herself with its story & energy. As each gemstone is unique and has it's own unique story, Anouk uses this as the inspiration to turn this story into a wearable piece of jewelry poetry.


 Once the design has been finalized, and agreed with the bespoke client, she takes this to the atelier to start the jewelry making process with our partner goldsmith. The entire process is overseen closely by Anouk to ensure the jewelry stays close to her vision, as well as ensuring the stones are handles with love and care throughout.

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