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“I feel truly honored and blessed to be able to create my jewelry pieces and so becoming a part of the love story between two people. That for is the biggest gift I can receive both as a jewelry designer and business owner.”

Anouk Wijgergangs



Anouk Wijgergangs created Nova Diamonds Jewelry in November 2018 when she decided to combine her love for jewelry and design, and start her own jewelry brand.


Being raised in a Jewish family in Amsterdam, a city enriched with a strong history in diamond trade dating back over 400 years, she found herself deeply intrigued by this beautiful gem from an early age. Her curiosity for this beautiful stone, and her thirst to learn more, was quickly picked up by her grandma, who decided to teach her more by taking her to gem auctions and jewelry fairs.


She soon discovered how each gem has it's own character and story, a story that she felt could be translated in jewelry design.

And so each bespoke jewelry piece is created with the gem stone at the center of the design, each creation beautiful and timeless in it's own unique way. 


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