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There is nothing more precious than a beautiful family heirloom being passed on from mother to daughter, or in some cases a grand- or even great grand daughter. However more often than not, the design or style of the heirloom may be a little outdated and not to the taste of her new owner.

In this case our upcycling service would make a great solution, giving you the option to redesign your heirloom to a piece of jewelry that fits your personal style.

Both the gold and gemstone(s) of your heirloom would be recycled and reused to create your new jewelry piece, ensuring the original memory remains in tact and is honored within the new jewelry piece.


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Upcycling is also a great option to give a new life for any old wedding or engagement jewelry you may have, and you wish to update in style and increase in value.


Sometimes the engagement or wedding ring you received many years ago, no longer reflects the stylish woman you have become today. In this case my upcycling service gives you the chance to reuse the original gemstone(s) and gold to design a new ring with more oomph, and a bit more bling!


For more info on our upcycling service please contact me by emailing me at

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