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Raw Diamonds
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ethical & sustainable jewelry

Raw Diamonds
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What are Raw Diamonds?

‘Raw’ or ‘rough’ diamonds are simply diamonds that have not been cut or polished into the kind of glittering stones we’re used to seeing on engagement rings or jewelry.

Raw diamonds come in a variety of shapes such as octahedron, dodecahedron, cube, triangle and round. Which shape you choose is of course a choice based on personal preference.

The clarity varies from transparent, to translucent and opaque, and an excitingly endless array of colors starting from colorless to white, black, and various shades of pink, champagne, cognac brown, yellow, green & blue.

Rough diamonds are usually sold wholesale to jewelers or diamond traders, who will then cut, polish and set them into jewelry pieces or release them to the retail market. Our inspiration comes from taking these ‘raw’ diamonds and just using them as they are, setting them into simple rings or creating other unique and beautiful jewelry pieces with them. They make for unique designs guaranteed to get people noticing and talking.

Ethical & Sustainable

The 4 C’s

The 4 C’s; Carat weight, Cut, Clarity and Color is the universal method for assessing the quality of any diamond, anywhere in the world. With raw diamonds however these 4 C’s are not of equal importance. Color and shape, are in the case of choosing a raw diamond, the main decisive factors when choosing or designing your diamond or engagement ring.

So the 4Cs don’t matter at all you say?

In short the answer to that is yes. Take everything you’ve learned about the 4Cs and flush them down the toilet. Cut is completely irrelevant – the diamonds haven’t been cut, remember! Clarity follows not too close behind, again because the diamonds have not been cut. And color and carat size are pretty much down to your own personal tastes. So just go with what you like, and with what fits into your budget.

Your buying source DOES matter, especially to us at Nova Diamonds Jewelry. 

Raw diamonds are still subject to all the usual guidelines about buying from a reputable source. Since they haven’t been cut and polished, they won’t come with GIA or other premium gem lab certificates, however at Nova Diamonds Jewelry we only work with stones that are fully traceable all the way back to the mine. Reason being that we a high ethical standard when it comes to how we do business and who we do business with. We fully believe that precious and semi precious stones carry their own energy, one that is very much effected either positively or negatively by the way it’s mined, purchased and finely crafted into a piece of jewelry. We believe that this energy is ultimately carried onto the buyer, who will be wearing this on them. Our aim is to keep this energy a clean and ethical one, one that ultimately is passed onto the new owner, you!

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