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The Stones We Use
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Ethical & Sustainable


A stone of purity and innocence, of faith and fidelity, the work diamond is associated since antiquity with all things love and eternity.

The word diamond derives from the Greek word Amadas meaning unbreakable or untamable, and the word Diaphanus meaning transparent. A stone of truth, transparency and unbreakable and enternity was born with the word Diamond. Also known as the Stone of Invincibility it amplifies energy, love, protection and trust when given as a gift or given as a symbol of love between two lovers.

As a spiritual stone, diamond is high frequency stone that stimulate and activates all chakras, especially the Crown and Etheric Chakras. The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head, and is our gateway to the expanded universe beyond our bodies. It controls how we think, and how we respond to the world around us. It is the fountainhead of our beliefs and the source of our spirituality. It connects us to the higher planes of existence and is the source of universal energy and truth. When the Crown is in balance, our energies are in balance. We know our place in the universe and see things as they are.

Etheric Chakras are considered to be above the head and are attuned to higher, more spiritually enlightened things. They embody true humility and provide a soul connection, the highest self-illumination, and a cosmic doorway to other worlds. Diamonds in particular identify with the immortal part of the self – personal identification with the Infinite, and oneness with God, peace and wisdom.

Ethical & Sustainable


A symbol of beauty, purity and new beginnings, pearls have been used for centuries as a gift between lovers and between loved ones.

Pearls are said to attract strengthen relationships between lovers, as well as bring wealth & luck. Pearls are a symbol of purity, integrity and loyalty, thus making a perfect symbolic stone for lovers and commitment.

Also known for its properties to balance the wearer’s karma and keep its wearer safe and protected.

Although associated with both the Sacral and the Crown Chakra, this is a stone which will balance and heal all Chakras.

Ethical & Sustainable


With its stunning and mesmerising green colour, Emerald signifies loyalty and domestic bliss. Known as the Stone of Successful Love It is know to enhance unconditional love and unity, thus making it a perfect choice for a gift for both new love as well as long lasting couples.

Known as the stone to activate the Heart Chakra, it is said to have healing effects on the heart as well as balance emotions, bringing harmony to all areas of the wearer’s life.

It’s also widely used as a way to celebrate and honour both 20th and 55th anniversaries.

Ethical & Sustainable


A stone of nobility, the ruby is known as a stone of passion & protection. It’s been long used in history as a wedding stone and is known to deepen a couples relationship and commitment. Ruby has always been a talisman of passion, protection and prosperity.  Ruby has always been associated with love, especially faithful passionate commitment and closeness. In antiquity Rubies were considered to be perfect wedding stones.

The name Ruby stems from the Latin word Rubeus, which simply translates as “red”.

Ruby carries the frequency of the Base or Root Chakra, stimulating the flow of life force energy or Chi. When the Base Chakra is in balance, the physical body regains its strength and stamina, and the spiritual energy is rekindled in the form of security and sense of one’s own power.

Ethical & Sustainable


A stone of wisdom & royalty, Sapphire has been used since ancient times as the favoured stone for kings & queens and royalty and worn at times when a contract or wedding was signed or performed.

A symbol for power & strength as well as its calming property, it is said to bring focus to the wearer.

Known as a stone of commitment and fidelity, it is a perfect gift to couples making a serious commitment to one another such as moving in together or getting engaged. It is even said in folklore that in the case of separation of two lovers the stone will bring keep the them safe and will ensure bringing them back together at the divine timing.

The name Sapphire is derived from the Latin sapphirus, Greek sappheiros, and Sanskrit sanipryam, meaning “blue stone.”
Sapphire stimulates the Throat, the voice of the body, and Third Eye Chakra. When the Throat Chakra is in balance and open, it allows for the expression of what we think and what we feel. We can communicate our ideas, beliefs, and emotions, bringing our personal truth out into the world.

Ethical & Sustainable

Ruby Zoisite

Ruby Zoisite is also known as Ruby in Zoisite or Anyolite. Anyolite is the name that can describe the natural combination of Green Zoisite with the Ruby stone. It’s a stone that’s a great combination of energy and color, making it one of the noblest and magnificent stones of all the stones.

Ruby Ziosite is currently only found in Longido, Tanzania.

Zoisite is the clear medium green that you can see inside the stone, and it combines perfectly with the deep magenta red of the ruby stone. Ruby Zoisite often includes black patches of Tschermakite that will be evident in the stone as well. The stone’s name comes from the Masai word which means green.

Ruby Zoisite will enhance the connection between your heart and your brain. In life, these two are not always in balance. What the heart wants is something that the mind will sometimes reject. But with the presence of Ruby Zoisite, they will find a way to work together and produce amazing results.

Ruby Zoisite has a strong spiritual nature that will also help your consciousness and spiritual learning. It will give you access to your soul memory, and it’s a spiritual stone that will be a very potent tool to anyone who wants to reawaken her spirituality. The unique harmony of the stone’s colours also symbolises the sense of bliss that you can enjoy in life when you allow yourself to relax and let go.

Ruby Zoisite is a stone of vitality and growth. When it comes to wealth, this is a very lucky stone to have. It will attract energies of prosperity and abundance, and it will help you realize your dreams sooner rather than later.

Ethical & Sustainable

Tourmaline & Watermelon Tourmaline

The name tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese term “tura mali” meaning “stone mixed with vibrant colors.” With its vivid burst of color, the aptly named watermelon tourmaline perfectly imitates the flesh and outer shell or rind of the similarly named juicy summer fruit.

The ancient Egyptians had a legend about tourmaline gemstones. They believed that these stones got their amazing colors because they broke through a rainbow while pushing their way up through the earth. The Egyptians used tourmaline for both physical and emotional remedies.

Watermelon Tourmaline & Tourmaline resonates with the heart chakra, and it will cleanse and get rid of any blockages that reside in your heart.

It also acts as a balancing crystal that will remove your insecurities and amplify your strengths. It will balance your male and female energies as well.

It will inspire both practicality and creativity, and it will help you achieve your goals by thinking out of the box and being resourceful to make your goals happen.

Watermelon Tourmaline is known as ‘the gateway to the inner self’ and the ‘super activator’ of your heart and higher heart chakras.

Ethical & Sustainable

Aventurine Quartz

Aventurine is also referred to as Adventurine, Avanturine, Aventurine Quartz, and Indian Jade. Aventurine is a variety of Quartz characterized by bright inclusions of Mica or other minerals that give a shimmering or glistening effect to the stone, referred to as aventurescence, especially notable when tumbled or polished. Its name is derived from the Italian a ventura or all’avventura, meaning “by chance,” and refers to the Italian glass from the 1700s, produced when a worker accidentally dropped metal filings into a vat of melting glass. Once cooled, the result was pleasing with its randomly spaced iridescent sparkles, and it was used to make jewelry and other items. The name Aventurine was later given to the natural stone which looked like the industrial product.

Green Aventurine is known as the “Stone of Opportunity,” thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, especially in manifesting prosperity and wealth, or for increasing favor in competitions or games of chance. It’s winning energy makes it a great ally for boosting one’s chances in any situation – a first date or landing a promotion.

This beautiful stone, however, is not merely an attractor of luck, but one that aligns conditions so “opportunity” is inevitable. Green Aventurine releases old patterns, habits and disappointments so new growth can take place. It brings optimism and a zest for life, allowing one to move forward with confidence and to embrace change. It enhances one’s creativity and motivation, and encourages perseverance in maneuvering life’s obstacles. It also reinforces one’s decisiveness and amplifies leadership qualities.

For those looking for love in their mature years, Green Aventurine may be used as a love crystal or added to a Heart Chakra layout as it encourages love later in life.

Ethical & Sustainable

Rainbow Moonstones

Named for its moon-like sheen, Rainbow Moonstone is the name given to a variety of labradorite that exhibits a blue or multicolored adularescence on a light body color. Rainbow moonstone is usually colorless with a blue or, in rare cases, it may have a rainbow-colored sheen. The blue sheen is highly valued, so gemstones that exhibit the strongest blue sheen are most sought after. A strong blue sheen is sometimes referred to as “royal blue”.

The Romans admired moonstone greatly and believed that it came from the rays of the moon made solid.

Rainbow moonstone is generally associated with the moon and moon cycle and thought to be a magical stone that possesses powerful protective properties. It’s believed to helps its wearer to find their divine path in life. It is thought to “bring light” to the otherwise unknown, and thus provide its wearer with insight in areas of their life and relationships when feeling clouded or confused. Additionally, rainbow moonstone is said to possess the ability to bring out the positive in people and calm overactive minds, bringing peace to its wearer, enabling her to simple “be” present in the current moment and suffer less from distractions.

In traditional Hindu belief systems, rainbow moonstone is associated with the throat chakra, or Vishuddha, which is the center of purification. The throat chakra is associated with hearing, speech and self-expression. Wearing rainbow moonstone is thought to contribute to true and honest expression.

Ethical & Sustainable


Peridot is named after the French word peritot, meaning gold, because the mineral can vary towards a greenish golden colour. Peridot is the birthstone for the month of August as well as the stone given to celebrate the 16th year of marriage.

The history of Peridot is intrinsically tied to the tiny Egyptian island of St. John (Zabargad or St. John’s Island) in the Red Sea, which was the one of the only ancient sources of gem Peridot. Peridot is in fact the National gem of Egypt. Ancient Egyptians knew it as “the gem of the sun.”

Although Egypt was the ancient source of Peridot, but now the main sources are in Pakistan, Burma, Afghanistan, China, Vietnam, Ethiopia, and the United States (Arizona).

Much gem Peridot comes from igneous environments. These gems are formed deep within the mantle of the earth, and are brought the surface by volcanic activity. Although the mineral Olivine is fairly common, the gem form of Peridot is much more limited.

Peridot is both a day stone and a night stone, keeping its shining color even under artificial lighting. For this reason, it is sometimes called “Evening Emerald

Peridot is believed to open, cleanse and activate the heart chakra, and can help to release old baggage. Peridot teaches that holding onto the past is counter productive. It shows you how to detach yourself from outside influences and how to look to your own higher energies for guidance. It is also believed to help understand your destiny and spiritual purpose, assisting in attaining your full potential and follow your divine life path. It can help to see your own light and discover self love.

Ethical & Sustainable

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated quartz is a variety of quartz which contains acicular (needle-like) inclusions of rutile and is therefore one of the few gemstones desirable especially because of it’s inclusions. This gives it a special allure and desirability as a unique gemstone type. These fine golden needle like strands, often also referred to as Venus hair, give this type of quartz a completely unique identity and depth this type of Quartz, showering the wearer with a sparkling golden champagne-like glow whenever this gem catches the sun light.

The main source of Rutilated Quartz is Brazil, with India as a second provider of much lesser amounts of produce of this gem.

Wearing Rutilated Quartz jewelry is believed to help to strengthen your willpower and motivation. It allows the wearer to feel in control of their lives and reclaiming their personal power from anything anyone they have chosen to give their power away to. Rutilated Quartz, especially with gold rutile, is also known a superb antidepressant. The gold colour of the rutile aligns with the Solar Plexus Chakra, further enhancing the uplifting nature of this beautiful gemstone.

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