The Art of Uniqueness

I recently got asked what I love most about my work as a jewelry artist. “Do I have to pick one or can it be several reasons” I replied. “Nope, just the one” was the stern reply given. I’ll admit that it took me a little while to answer it. It had kinda felt like someone taking me to the Haagen-Dazs for an ice cream and asking me to only pick one flavor, like who would be cruel enough to do that, right? (for anyone wondering what my favorite Haagen-Dazs flavors are, it’s Salted Caramel, Banana Peanut Butter Chip and Butter Pecan).

So yes, it took me some time to work out what my actual answer is. So after a somewhat uncomfortable pause I replied “Uniqueness”! Now this was clearly not at all what the person opposite me had expected as his face just looked at me as though I’d given the most ridiculous answer ever. “What do you mean, explain please” he said, with a now curious smile. “Well you see, I get the gift of exploring and celebrating the art of uniqueness in all its beautiful shapes and forms every single day.

Each and every day is another unique opportunity for me create something unique for a client, to their unique taste and ideas, using a unique stone, and so everything I do is another opportunity to explore the art of uniqueness deeper and deeper.

It all start with the uniqueness of each soul client that comes to me. Each person has come to me with there own very unique reason of “why” he or she wishes to create a piece of jewelry, each one touching my heart in their own unique way.

One of the most recent bespoke client briefs was with an inspiring woman who had recently experienced a bad break up with her ex-boyfriend in a way which had left her wondering if love was ever meant to be part of her life. She’d started her healing journey and after much self work had arrived at a place where she had come to realize that she was now more full of love, much more than she’d ever been whilst in a relationship with another person! And so her journey had led her back in love with herself and her life. And she wanted to celebrate this by creating a ring for herself with a small natural Emerald.

After hearing her story I started to search for the perfect emerald and ended up sourcing a small round natural Emerald from Zambia. She sparkled at me as soon as I saw her, with a couple of tiny inclusions giving her her very own unique character. When I showed the pictures of her to her new owner she nearly cried. She said that this was the perfect stone to celebrate that she was ready to open her heart (chakra) to love once more! This tiny delicate emerald is in this case the heart activator to assist her in this new part of her journey back to love. It’s her very own green light at the intersection of love!

So the uniqueness of both this inspiring soul client and the beautiful natural emerald are at the heart of what I love about what I do. It’s the uniqueness of each story that runs like a red line throughout each of my creations and connects me in this magical journey as both a jewelry maker and designer and a human. And it’s each jewelry piece end up being the unique golden manifestation of their story and intention.

I really treasure each of my soul clients a great deal. To me they are each as unique and precious as a delicate snowflake, shaped by their own individual experiences and journey filled with facing aversity, overcoming loss and disappointment and their return home to love. To each of them I say thank you for your bravery and honesty and thank you for letting me assist you in creating something to celebrate you and your love.

Anouk @Nova Diamonds

Born & raised in the birthplace of the diamond trade, Amsterdam, and in a traditional Jewish family, I had been surrounded by diamonds and gemstones pretty much from birth. One of my earliest memories if where my grandma used to take me to mineral & gemstone trade shows and it is exactly there where my curiosity and passion for working with crystal and gems was born. Over the years I developed a solid foundation of knowledge on gemstones and crystals, as well as working with them for energetic and healing purposes.