Jumping in with Both Feet

I’m writing this blog on New Years’ Eve, with only a couple of hours left until the clock strikes midnight and announces the start of a new year and new decade. It felt like the perfect moment to share my final thoughts on this past year and my feelings for the journey ahead.

These last couple of weeks’ have been filled with less time spent at the atelier and work bench and more time and space filled with doing other things. These past couple of years this has been a reoccurring practice I do in December. I literally just go with the flow of whatever comes on my path during that month and life fully in the moment. Doing this gives me the mental clarity so that I can review and readjust both my businesses and my personal goals. It’s so easy to get swept up in the flow of life and work that it’s good to create time to review the past year and adjust or even release that which no longer works for me before the start of the brand new year.

During this past month I’ve come to see a couple of things very clearly. The first is that by taking time away from your daily routine you get awoken from your auto pilot mode. By creating even the slightest change to our normal routine that we are forced to be present in the moment, whatever it is you are doing, and able to take in the moment and experience.

For me this is something I will spend more time on practicing this next year, stripping away any routines from my life and practice living in the moment and enjoying what I’m doing. The second is that when you open up space to do things that are not considered ‘working’ you receive a great deal of new inspiration and ideas that end up expanding and feeding your being and mind in a way which ultimately benefits you and makes you a more productive and fulfilled human when you’re at work. The third is that by creating space for being able to say ‘yes’ to things that come your way that month you end up doing some pretty awesome new projects and meeting inspiring people!

In this past month I’ve had so many awesome new creative projects and people come my way that I’ve been able to say ‘yes’ and that I know have all in their own way inspired me to becoming an even more rounded and expanded jewelry designer, creative artist and human being for #2020. There’s so many new ideas and designs simply bubbling up inside of me waiting to get out that I am now greatly looking forward to jumping into this new year and new decade with both feet!

There’s a number of new projects already signed up for this year which I’ll be super excited to share with you when the time is there. As someone that loves to get surprises as much as gifting them I’ll keep them in my glass vial for now and share these sparkly precious gems with you one by one over the next 12 months!

For this new year I wish you much magic, beautiful moments, laughter and of course love! I’m incredibly grateful to be stepping into this new year with you by my side and to share this beautiful adventure called life with you.

So on this New Years Eve I will be raising my glass to you at midnight and saying gratitude for each and everyone of you that has somehow been part of my year, my story and Nova Diamonds Jewelry in one way or another. I thank you!

Anouk Wijgergangs

Anouk @Nova Diamonds

Born & raised in the birthplace of the diamond trade, Amsterdam, and in a traditional Jewish family, I had been surrounded by diamonds and gemstones pretty much from birth. One of my earliest memories if where my grandma used to take me to mineral & gemstone trade shows and it is exactly there where my curiosity and passion for working with crystal and gems was born. Over the years I developed a solid foundation of knowledge on gemstones and crystals, as well as working with them for energetic and healing purposes.