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Moni Ring

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Moni Ring


This project is one that’s very close to my heart as it’s dedicated to my late grandmother, Monica (Moni) Maria, who used to wear this gorgeous and chunky raw Ruby Ziosite pendant.

So when I recently discovered this beautiful and bright coloured rose cut Ruby Ziosite I was instantly taken back to my childhood.

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Moni Ring

This project is one that’s very close to my heart as it’s dedicated to my late grandmother, Monica Maria, or Moni. We knew her as ‘Oma Moni’, ‘oma’ meaning ‘grandma’ in Dutch, but a typical grandma she certainly was not. She was immensely dedicated to self development and was always learning a new hobby or sport. Her energy and talents seemed to be truly never ending, always going from one new goal to the next.

She instilled in me a sense of love for opera and classical music, which was always playing softly in the background on my visits. She used to wear this gorgeous necklace with this big and colourful piece of raw Ruby Ziosite that always mesmerised me as a child. The vivid red of the Ruby combined with the bright green of the Ziosite just made it look like a magical stone with hidden powers and secrets.

When I recently discovered this brightly coloured rose cut Ruby Ziosite on one of my gem hunts I instantly was taken back to my childhood memories and just knew I had to create something with her. I decided to pair this voluptuous 8,88 Ct. pear drop with a small round cut Ruby and a sea-foam green Emerald. Set in a solid yellow gold setting she truly does embody a statement jewelry piece, and her vivid colouring when the light catches her are truly incredible!

It’s believed that Ruby Zoisite will enhance the connection between your heart (red) and your brain (green) and for bringing them in balance, finding a way to work together and produce effective results in any decision at hand and helping in realising your goals and dreams.

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